Where can I donate?

Please contact us to schedule a pick up or drop-off. We have multiple drop-off locations for your convenience.
We also offer a free estate sorting service for those who are downsizing their homes in preparation to move, those who have finished their garage sales, or families of loved ones who have passed away.
After you have removed items you wish to keep, our staff member will efficiently and respectfully select from remaining items those that can be sold at our store.  You will know that anything left can be recycled or thrown away.  The sorting service benefits you, so you will not have to deal with the overwhelming task of deciding which items can be donated, and the Charities will benefit by additional funding from the sale of merchandise.  

How does it work?

It's simple! You donate items and let us know which 501c3 charity you want to support.
No worries if they are not in our network. We will send them a percentage of sales and ask if they would like to become an affiliate to earn even more profits from sales.
It's that easy. All you have to do is donate items you no longer need. We take care of the rest!

Do you accept returns?

Please see our return policy here

Do you have a dressing room?

Yes, we want to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes, we do! Just sign up by clicking the rewards widget on our page. Then, you can log in and add your birthday and see options for earning extra points.

Do you offer gift cards/certificates?

Yes, we do! They may be purchased online or in our store.

Do you sanitize your merchandise?

Research has shown us that most donors truly want to give items that can be re-used or re-sold. Over 60% of donations are actually handed directly to one of our Attendants, during a free home pickup or at our manned donation centers. In these cases (face to face), donors don’t typically give items in poor condition. While we don’t wash or sanitize received donations, we are very careful to separate items that are not in re-sale condition.

What happens to items that are not or cannot be sold? Are these items recycled?

We strive to promote a reuse, recycle and repurpose approach as much as possible.  Items that do not sell are transitioned to our Wholesale partner and and are sold at a low rate to those who need them typically to international markets.  Thrift it FWD strives to make sure nothing is ever wasted, keeping items out of our landfills.

Do you offer any discounts?

We have three separate days for discounts:

Tuesday is our Senior Day – 10% off with valid ID (55+)
Wednesday is Hero’s Day – 10% off for First Responders, Military Personnel, National Guard, Reserves, and Veterans with valid ID
Thursday is Education Day – 10% off for college students, teachers and education personnel with valid ID.
We also offer a 10% discount on your birthday.
Signing up for our rewards program is required to receive discounts.

I have a bunch of items that’s hardly used. Will you buy it from me?

Sorry, we do not purchase items from individuals. However, since our store supports local charities, we’d be happy to accept your gently used items as a donation on behalf of one of our nonprofit partners.

What charities do you support?

Please click here to learn about our partners

What items do you accept?

Clothing and Shoes ~  Handbags and Accessories ~ Jewelry ~ Vintage & Collectibles ~ Home Decor ~ Crystal, cut and art glass ~ Small Electronics (CD Players, portable stereos, etc.) ~ Small Appliances ~ Artwork ~ Sporting Goods ~ Puzzles, Games and collectible toys ~ Movies & Music

What items do you NOT take?

We cannot accept the following items:

Mattresses/box springs (for sanitary reasons) ~ Sofas, love seats, or large furniture items ~ Hazardous waste/materials ~ Used children’s car seats or furniture ~ Large appliances ~ Box TVs (tube, cabinet, console). We will only accept flat monitor style. ~ Books and Magazines ~ Construction remains (i.e. carpet scraps, boards with nails, etc.) ~ Items recalled by the CPSC