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Vintage Phillipa Gowns Marshall Field's women’s off-white, satin wedding gown Small

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Absolutely Stunning 1950's Phillipa Gowns Marshall Field's women’s off-white, satin wedding gown.

This gown has a special story. A woman came into my shop and asked if I sell wedding dresses, I usually don't but she was so sweet. She explained her mom got married in it in the 50's and remained happily married until death. The dress was preserved and never touched again. I was FLOORED when I saw it and I promised her it would once again walk down the isle. She was so thrilled, she cried from happiness and said her mom in heaven would be watching and blessing someone's special day. Help me make my promise come true.

Lace-Chantilly appliqué. Under skirt- cotton organdy. Thumb/modesty loop on sleeve. Streamers on the back. Button detailing on back and sleeves.

There is some damage to the organdy lining. Recommend replacement and cleaning. Has been in a box since the wedding in the 50's.
Comes with tiara and veil but tule needs to be replaced

Good condition, size S 

Detailed measurements:

Bust - 34"
Waist - 26"
Shoulder - 14"
Skirt back 62"
Skirt front 43"
Sweep 300"